Our Expertise

Automotive SPICE

Automotive SPICE (ASPICE)

Our Automotive SPICE consultants will guide you on your journey to compliance through  intacs™ training and certification, expert advice, assessments, and  process improvement coaching.   Evaluate processes and improve with Automotive SPICE. Our booklets can help.

  • $100 Return for every $1 Investment
  • 90% reduction in overall cost
  • 84% reduction in overall development effort
  • 90% of all errors found eleven (11) months before Start of Production 

ISO 26262 Automotive Functional Safety

ISO 26262 Functional Safety

ISO 26262 compliance is a challenge for any automotive engineering organization.    Our functional safety consultants deliver ISO 26262 training, expert advice,  assessments, work product development, confirmation reviews and process improvement coaching.

  • Average direct costs of $1.42M for fatal injuries
  • Annual cost of warranty claims range from $8B to $11B
  • Recent airbag recall estimated at $15B
  • Accelerator pedals & floor mats recalled 9M vehicles (2010)


Agile in Automotive Development

Adopting Agile in Automotive is difficult.  Off-the-shelf Scrum, Kanban, or XP don't address critical areas like requirements management, long term release planning, or rigid OEM / Tier 1 contractual commitments.  We help organizations adopt and adapt Agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban to support robust engineering processes.

  • +67% Productivity 
  • +65% Quality
  • -49% Cost
  • +1872% ROI


Automotive Cybersecurity

Do you know where your risks are?  Connected car technology is increasingly pushing security requirements on automotive architectures and programs. We help companies systematically assess and address cybersecurity risk in accordance with ISO / SAE 21434.

  • Annual spending on cyber crimes: up 23% to average $11.7M
  • 31% of organizations have experienced cyber attacks
  • Over 8,800 recorded breaches in the past 13 years
  • 80% of consumers would not buy from a hacked auto company


User Experience (UX)

Are you able to charge Premium Pricing because you've managed and maximized your Customers' Experience(s)?  You might not have a User Interface, but you have a User Experience.  We help companies improve the bottom line by methodically measuring and managing the end-to-end experience.

  •  -33% Development Time
  • -70% Product Failures due to User Acceptane
  • +43% Stock Performance over S&P500
  • 1000% ROI